Welcome and thank you for being here. You are an amazing addition to the cosmic evolution we are experiencing. We are all here to raise the vibrations of the multi-verse and bring forth our own unique creative personal expression. I am here to hold space for you to heal as well as learn and grow myself.

I have developed the Universal Energy Worker course that includes Universal Energy Healing as a tool that I use for personal clearing and healing. This course includes many different types of energy you will work with, as well as a section on clearing spaces, crystals and personal healing..  Starseed Evolution Mapping and personal soul evolution mapping which are unique readings that cover a vast amout of information to assist you along your personal journey and provide one-on-one intuitive perspective shifting guidance. I have created a deck of oracle cards called Fractal Evolution. Currently, I am working on a personal healing modality called the Fractal Healing Field.

Navigating through this world can be an interesting task and it is always great to have confirmation of the things we already feel or know. Every person you meet and talk with will have a different piece of your puzzle,

Jennifer Moreau
I have been doing intuitive readings for 6 years as well as one-on-one teaching and intuitve perspective shifting guidance. I have created oracle cards I use for readings, energy clearing and healing, soul activations, also pendulum charts. The energy healing course I created is great for beginners and also to integrate into existing modalities you may already use. I will hold a safe space for personal empowerment through spiritual guidance.


STARSEED EVOLUTION MAPPING, this is the name of the very interesting reading I had the other day with a lovely woman by the name of Jennifer Moreau. Through the years I have had a tone of Mediumship and other types of readings but Jennifer really impressed me the other day with what she did. Her reading was totally different than anything I have seen, it was fascinating. So if you get the chance to check her out.


Eileen Casey Gonzalez

Last night I received a Starseed Evolution Mapping from Jennifer Moreau and there was so much interesting information. It was about an hour long in depth reading about star systems and star guides that I work with and so much more. She was so bang on with the information that I was in awe about it all. She has been working with Starseed knowledge for years now and its really interesting how she developed this system. I highly recommend you connect with her for a reading in Starseed Information. She has really indepth knowledge of all of this. Thanks Jennifer for an amazing reading on where my soul is from and what other starseeds I relate too. Namaste!

Colleen Fischer

Thank you Colleen