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STARSEED EVOLUTION MAPPING, this is the name of the very interesting reading I had the other day with a lovely woman by the name of Jennifer Moreau. Through the years I have had a tone of Mediumship and other types of readings but Jennifer really impressed me the other day with what she did. Her reading was totally different than anything I have seen, it was fascinating. So if you get the chance to check her out.


Eileen Casey Gonzalez

Last night I received a Starseed Evolution Mapping from Jennifer Moreau and there was so much interesting information. It was about an hour long in depth reading about star systems and star guides that I work with and so much more. She was so bang on with the information that I was in awe about it all. She has been working with Starseed knowledge for years now and its really interesting how she developed this system. I highly recommend you connect with her for a reading in Starseed Information. She has really indepth knowledge of all of this. Thanks Jennifer for an amazing reading on where my soul is from and what other starseeds I relate too. Namaste!

Colleen Fischer

Thank you Colleen