Jenn is a creative alternative perspective to meeting yourself full on. Jenn uniquely mixes science and spirituality to bring a perspective to seeing what is standing in your way, what comes around and creates the “crash”….big or small. What keeps you awake at night. What beliefs are lurking around holding you up, what is hidden and left from your family and ancestors. What is tied to your DNA and can be set free. Expansion of your true authentic self, who you are at the core of your existence is waiting to be discovered.


I recently had a session with Jenn, the universe is vast and navigating this can bring challenges and rewards. Having been a bit stalled in my path I had the pleasure of meeting Jenn and subsequently had a reading. This has given me the opportunity to understand my journey and connection more and have been given some amazing information/resources to continue on my journey. Thank you to Jenn!

Lesley Breton Frank

Just had my Star Seed Mapping done by Jenn! It’s my third year in a row. I love checking in with her to see who I’m connecting with and where I am on my ascencion journey!

Jenn is super in tune and friendly and has amazing resources for the Ascension journey! Thanks!! 💚

Jac Kalea Patio